The Radio Communications Leader

We specialise in providing microwave data links, mobile radio systems and other Radio Frequency technologies to a broad market in Australia and overseas. All aspects of communications systems are catered for. DRS has branch offices in Perth and Kalgoorlie.


Microwave Services

We are experienced in providing end-to-end solutions, customised to suit your wireless communication needs. Our microwave radio links use advanced technology that ensures your network is reliable and cost-effective.


Radio Systems

Our solutions can support and enhance your two-way radio requirements using reliable equipment for analogue and digital radio, vehicle tracking and mobile data systems.


Customised Solutions

We are committed to providing a reliable end-to-end solution to suit your requirements which at times may include fibre optic cabling, underground leaky feeder systems, remote sites powered by solar panels or the installation of TV/Radio rebroadcasting systems.



SIAE Microelettronica

DRS partners with SIAE Microelettronica – an international company based in Italy and is established as a leader in delivering innovative wireless network solutions. SIAE Microelettronica products cover a wide range of application: Point to Point microwave radio Systems up to 80 GHz, PDH SDH and Native Ethernet technologies, Flexible Multiplexers, Network Management Systems and Network Planning Tools.

InfiNet Wireless

DRS partners with InfiNet Wireless. InfiNet manufactures a family of Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint systems for multiservice high capacity long range fixed wireless connectivity in a number of sub-7 GHz frequency bands. InfiNet Wireless’s deep experience of radio frequency innovation – and translating that into the real world needs of customers – ensures that its products combine unsurpassed reliability and technical functionality, enabling the delivery of truly flexible wireless networks with unparalleled quality of service.


DRS partners with Siklu Communication Ltd – an Israeli based company that builds Gigabit wireless backhaul solutions operating in the 60, 70 & 80 GHz millimeter waves bands. Based on a unique all-silicon design that reduces price and increases reliability, Siklu’s radios are ideal for macro and small cell backhaul, fiber extension and business service connectivity. The field-proven radios are a top choice of tier-1 operators for Gigabit backhaul worldwide, and thousands of units have been sold, deployed and are operating solidly in all weather conditions.


RACOM is one of the leading global players in SCADA & Telemetry data transfer. RACOM is involved in the development and production of equipment for wireless data transfer. Our three main product lines are Radio modems, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS routers and Microwave links. RACOM is a modern company with its own technological centre for SMT and hybrid assembly, a subsidiary company, RACOM SLOVAKIA, and an extensive network of international partners, who ensure that we continue to export the majority of our products.

SAF Tehnika

DRS partners with SAF Tehnika – a world class microwave equipment manufacturer from Latvia. Frequency bands include 400MHz to 38GHz with duplex frequency offsets to suit all major regulatory specifications around the world. SAF manufactures Split System (separate indoor and outdoor unit), FODU (full outdoor unit) and FIDU (full indoor unit) hardware versions. These advanced links offer hitless ACM, scalable channel bandwidth, copper and fibre Ethernet ports, TDM (E1) ports, protected and diversity configurations and data throughput speeds up to 1Gbps full duplex.


DRS distributes the WaveIP sub-11GHz wireless solutions in Australia. Frequency bands include 700MHz to 11.0GHz with single and dual (MIMO) polarization versions available. WaveIP manufactures integrated antenna and external antenna (connectorised) hardware versions. These advanced links offer hitless ACM, scalable channel bandwidth, copper FE and GigE Ethernet ports, protected and diversity configurations and data throughput speeds up to 700Mbps.

Wialki Electronics

DRS partners with Wialki Electronics – a Western Australian based company who specialize in manufacturing and reselling a great range of products for most energy needs. Solar Power Systems, Battery Chargers, DC to DC Converters, Inverters, UPS, Power Supplies and other Power Products.

Digital Radio Systems … connecting you wherever you are in the world.



Next generation radio platform specifically
tailored for dense urban deployment. Up to
1 Gbps throughput. Frequency bands from
6 GHz to 24 GHz and more. Modulation up
to 1024QAM with hitless ACM. New wideband
model includes 80 MHz & 112 MHz channels.


WipAir ACE

PtP & PtMP in same device. Currently available
in 5GHz frequency band. Unique interference
rejection system. Low latency & jitter.
Solar & VOIP friendly.



Cost effective shorthaul ultra-high capacity links
in E-band (70-80 GHz) & V-band (60 GHZ).
Gigabit throughput available in TDD & FDD.
Alternative to fibre at distances up to 4km.


Spectrum Compact

Pioneering tool to revolutionise work of microwave
radio field engineer.