Smart Indoor Unit


WipAir Smart Indoor Unit (S-IDU) is the ultimate TDM over IP solution with ultra-low latency and low jitter connectivity.

WaveIP S-IDU combined with WipAir Point-to-Point wireless backhauls is tailored to meet the Carriers’ needs providing essential advantages for TDM over IP networks, including highest capacity over longest-range links, lowest latency & jitter, 1+1 backup redundancy and minimal power consumption.

Highlights and Benefits

High link performance

  • Extremely low latency & jitter, high throughput and built-in interference rejection technologies, optimised for TDM over IP traffic
  • Minimal Jitter via fastest ARQ (Automatic Retransmit request)
  • Most efficient protocol ensures highest capacity over longest-range links combined with highest availability

Reliable & advanced design

  • Error-free solution via Hitless ACM (Adaptive Coding & Modulation)
  • Built in Quality of Service (QoS) with 8 priority queues
  • 1+1 hot standby with automatic detection of less than 50ms

Flexibility & integration

  • Scalable 1x E1/T1 up to 16x E1/T1 via software upgrade
  • Built-in GigE PoE for WipAir radios
  • Fully integrated with WipAir NMS, SNMP and web-based management

Energy efficient

  • Green solution – lowest power consumption in the market


Product Brochure

Smart Indoor Unit brochure – Smart_IDU.pdf