The EtherHaul-1200TL is a high-capacity low-cost E-band radio designed for business service delivery, wireless ISPs, wireless extension from a fiber demarcation point. The system is uniquely based on an all-silicon design that results in fewer components, greater reliability, and significant price reductions. Further reducing cost of ownership are operation in the uncongested and inexpensive licensed E-band 70 GHz spectrum, low power consumption and tiny size.

Highlights and Benefits

Advanced design & technology

Reliable operation due to advanced hitless / errorless Adaptive Bandwidth, Coding and Modulation (ABCM) for a large dynamic range.

High link performance

  • Future-proof high throughput supports high-speed data, voice, video and reliable cloud connectivity with aysmmetric capacity configuration.
  • Most deployed millimeter wave radio in 2012.

Flexibility & integration

Standard-based for seamless integration into existing networks and multi-vendor interoperability.

Viable investment

Revolutionary all-silicon-based design delivers the industry’s lowest prices and increased reliability.

Efficient & reliable

Green design – ultra low power consumption (PoE), zero footprint, all-outdoor, extremely light weight.

Scalable channel bandwidth

Operates in the licensed, uncongested and inexpensive 71-76 GHz E-band spectrum.

Compact & Simple Install

Quick and easy installation, requiring minimal site preparation.


Product Brochure

EtherHaul-1200TL E-band Radio brochure – EtherHaul1200TL_Siklu_WEB.pdf