Siklu’s EtherHaul is a carrier-class, high-capacity E-band radio that dramatically lowers the cost of wireless backhaul while increasing available throughput. The system is uniquely based on an all-silicon design that results in fewer components, greater reliability, and reduces prices down to the lowest in the industry. Further reducing TCO (total cost of ownership) are operation in the uncongested and inexpensive licensed E-band 70 GHz spectrum, low power consumption and tiny size.

Highlights and Benefits

Advanced design & technology

  • Increased reliability with advanced hitless / errorless Adaptive Bandwidth, Coding and Modulation (ABCM) for a large dynamic range.
  • Carrier class availability and resiliency with advanced ring, mesh and Link Aggregation (1+1, 2+0).
  • Advanced timing over packet handling (SyncE, 1588) enables the migration to packet-based backhaul.
  • Carrier Ethernet inside -bandwidth-aware QoS, service management and OAM.

High link performance

  • 1 Gbps throughput – LTE & 4G ready – asymmetric capacity configuration.
  • Most deployed millimeter wave radio in 2012. Chosen for wireless backhaul by tier-1 operators world-wide.

Flexibility & integration

Standard-based for seamless integration into existing networks and multi-vendor interoperability.

Viable investment

Revolutionary all-silicon-based design delivers the industry’s lowest prices.

Efficient & reliable

Green design – ultra low power consumption, zero footprint, all-outdoor, extremely light weight.

Scalable channel bandwidth

Operates in the licensed, uncongested and inexpensive 71-76 GHz E-band spectrum.

Compact & Simple Install

Quick and easy installation, requiring minimal site preparation.


Product Brochure

EtherHaul-1200 E-band Radio brochure – EH1200.pdf