RACOM is one of the leading global players in SCADA & Telemetry data transfer. RACOM is involved in the development and production of equipment for wireless data transfer. Our three main product lines are Radio modems, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS routers and Microwave links. RACOM is a modern company with its own technological centre for SMT and hybrid assembly, a subsidiary company, RACOM SLOVAKIA, and an extensive network of international partners, who ensure that we continue to export the majority of our products.

Every RACOM product supports remote management via an IP network, e.g. Internet or GSM. Hence RACOM specialists can assist you even with a specific problem, wherever on the globe you and your device happen to be.


RipEX – Radio modem & Router

RipEX is a best-in-class radio modem renowed for overall data throughput. This Software Defined Radio with Linux OS is a native IP device which has been designed with attention to detail, performance and quality. All relevant state-of-the-art concepts have been carefully implemented.

RipEX provides 24/7 reliable service for mission-critical applications like SCADA & Telemetry for Utilities, SmartGrid power networks or any packet network.

Every unit can serve as the central master, a repeater, a remote terminal, or all of these simultaneously. Anti-collision protocol on Radio channel allows whatever traffic: master or even multi master-slave polling and report by exception from remotes concurrently.

Thanks to the web interface anybody with basic IP knowledge is capable of starting up RipEX within a few minutes and can maintain the network quite easily.

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M!DGE wireless routers have been specially designed for SCADA and Telemetry, nevertheless are well suited to many different wireless applications. M!DGE HW and SW is ready to maintain reliable and secure connections from an unlimited number of remote locations to a central server. Both standard Ethernet/IP and serial interfaces are available. Moreover, two digital inputs and two digital outputs can be used for direct monitoring and control of application devices.

M!DGE versatility is further enhanced by the two independent Ethernet ports. These can be configured to either support two independent LANs (e.g. LAN and WAN settings), or simply connect two devices within one LAN (effectively replacing an Eth switch). M!DGE software is based on well proved components, including an Embedded Linux operating system and standard TCP/IP communication protocols.

M!DGE combined with an MG102i two-SIM router in one network is quite easy to do because of fully compatible interface settings and behaviour on all HW interfaces. Thanks to compact size and versatility, M!DGE wireless routers prove indispensable in many SCADA and Telemetry, as well as POS, ATM, Lottery and Security/Surveillance applications.

M!DGE, together with the RACOM RipEX radio router, offers an unrivalled solution for combining GPRS and UHF/VHF licensed radio in a single network. Even a single RipEX in the centre of a M!DGE network allows for efficient use of addressed serial SCADA protocols.

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MR400 – Radio modem

MR400 is a well proven radio modem, on the market for over a decade and undisputably well established. Tens of thousands of units serve reliably around the world, from the poles to the equator.

MR400 uses a sophisticated anti-collision protocol on the Radio channel. Its unbeatable network performance is boosted by the unique implementation of proprietary SCADA protocols from all significant vendors on the SCADA market.

Thanks to MR400 extraordinary intelligence, speed and switching time, they are suitable for all types of networks where emphasis is placed on speed and reliability, such as SCADA & Telemetry for utility distributions (water, electricity, oil&gas), SmartGrid power networks, Transaction networks like lottery, ATM or POS, mobile networks including mission-critical fleet management and many other applications.

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