InfiNet Wireless

InfiNet manufactures a family of Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint systems for multiservice high capacity long range fixed wireless connectivity in a number of sub-7 GHz frequency bands. InfiNet Wireless’s deep experience of radio frequency innovation – and translating that into the real world needs of customers – ensures that its products combine unsurpassed reliability and technical functionality, enabling the delivery of truly flexible wireless networks with unparalleled quality of service.

Infinet’s world class RF scientists, sourced from both the military and aerospace industries, have over 20 years of experience in creating industry-leading technological solutions combining the very best elements of WiMAX, WiFi, Mesh and proprietary technologies.



InfiLINK XG is InfiNet’s most recent addition to our wireless portfolio. It is a record-breaking and innovative Point-to-Point solution in the sub-7 GHz frequency band, boasting the best-in-breed spectral efficiency, higher-than-ever-before processing power and distance vs performance ratio. Reaching a peak of 480 Mbps of net throughput in 40 MHz of spectrum and more than 100 Mbps in only 10 MHz, it is the highest performing Point-to-Point system available in the marketplace today.

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InfiLINK 2×2

InfiLINK 2×2 is a highly diversified family of wireless Point-to-Point products which brings together capacity up to 280 Mbps with a rich set of features and cost effectiveness.

It consists of the two sub-families:
InfiLINK 2×2 PRO – high performance series
InfiLINK 2×2 LITE – cost-effective medium capacity series

All InfiLINK 2×2 products are available across a number of licensed and unlicensed frequency bands with selection of integrated antenna and connectorized models.

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InfiMAN 2×2

InfiMAN 2×2 is a very well field proven family of wireless point-to-multipoint products designed for various applications including fixed wireless access infrastructure for operator and enterprise networks as well as select nomadic and mobile scenarios.

The innovative high-performance base stations and CPE models are available for both licensed and unlicensed bands with variety of integrated antenna and connectorized models available.

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